Meet Teenaa Kaur Pasricha The Woman Behind ‘1984, When The Sun Didn’t Rise”


Meet Teenaa Kaur Pasricha The Woman Behind ‘1984, When The Sun Didn’t Rise”

Teenaa Kaur Pasricha has devoted her life to story-telling. She is an independent Director, Producer, and Screenwriter, having a vast range of experience in documentary genres from social justice to environmental, working with platforms such as Doordarshan, National Geographic, Fox History and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. As an Independent filmmaker motivated to unearth the deadly violence that occurred in 1984, she created a documentary called ‘1984, When The Sun Didn’t Rise.’

The assault and trauma experienced by her family members in 1984 motivated her to dig deeper into the aftermath of a forgotten generation of Sikh women living in Widows Colony, Delhi.

In an interview with SheThePeople.TV, Teena shares how she tracked the lives of the women and their families in the community over five years, learning about their way of life, the marginalisation they face at the hands of mainstream society and the coping mechanisms they developed as a result of it.


Interview with Teenaa Kaur – Director of National Award Winning Film 1984 – When the Sun Didn’t Rise


Interview with Teenaa Kaur Pasricha in Vancouver by “Mehak Punjab Di”


Interview with Teenaa Kaur on 1984, When the Sun didn’t Rise