Introducing Green Earth Pictures

April 24, 2020

Dear friends,

In this state of chaos and mayhem, we trust that you are safe and healthy.

At a time, when we have slowed down, let us take this opportunity to connect with Nature and History.

Green Earth Pictures is a film production house committed to various social causes, from human rights to environmental conservation. It features the films made by filmmaker Teenaa Kaur as she founded the same in 2010.

We would like to launch our revamped website made with the utmost commitment of our volunteers. Please read about and watch our award-winning documentary films on

A shot from "The Deer Tree and Me" - a film by Teenaa Kaur

We offer you important documentary films to watch. Please share it with your children, family, and loved ones. “1984, When the Sun didn’t Rise”, to learn from history and brave women who stood through testing times and another is “The deer, tree and me” to learn from Nature and how communities live in harmony with Nature selflessly.

‘1984, When the Sun didn’t Rise’ is a National Film Award-winning documentary film and has been screened on invitation in various International Universities in the UK, US, and Canada, including Oxford, London School of Economics, Uni. Of British Columbia, Canada, etc. –

The film is based on the lives of three brave women living in the Widows Colony of New Delhi made after the massacre of 1984 when more than 5000 Sikhs were killed in Delhi and more than 10,000 Sikhs all over India. The brave Sikh women have endured hardships in life but have fought for justice and sustained the testing times.

“The deer, tree and me”


“If by laying our life even if a tree is saved, then our life is worthed.” — A common saying in the Bishnois community.

An afraid Chinkara (deer) cried for help in the deep recesses of a cold winter night in the desert. Shaitan Singh Bishnoi, a farmer, rushed out to his rescue. Shaitan opposes the hunters, but they shoot him dead. The young bride of Shaitan, Pushpa, is left to herself with her two children. Pushpa is determined to carry forward the legacy of her husband of environment conservation.

The chinkara dies by a dog bite leaving behind young chinkara who cannot stay without mother’s care. Pushpa adopts the baby chinkara and calls him Kishan. And what happens thereafter remains.

We look forward to connecting with you and hearing from you in the future.
Warm regards,
Teenaa Kaur
Green Earth Pictures