The Eighth Woman


How many people do you know who have undergone treatment of Cancer? Cancer is spreading at a high rate all around the world.
One in eight women are getting diagnosed with Breast Cancer in India and USA. And most people, especially women, ignore their health and when they do get to know about Cancer detection they don’t know what to expect in the coming future. But soon there will be one film which will plug this gap.
We are excited to let you know about this documentary film on Cancer being made by Ms. Teenaa Kaur Pasricha, an award-winning filmmaker based in India who herself is a Breast cancer survivor.
Her next film titled “The Eighth Woman” will be a journey of her experiences as a survivor and on what causes Cancer and the way ahead to lead a disease-free life. It will be useful for people of all age groups especially those who are interested in leading a healthy life, Cancer survivors, cancer patients, and caregivers. This will be an international film as there will be resources from the USA like oncologists and Cancer Researchers as a part of the film. We are positive that the film will once again create a stir internationally.This film will be invaluable for people diagnosed with Cancer, Cancer Survivors and anyone trying to lead a Cancer-free healthy life.
This film will be ideal for any organizationindividual passionate in health and wellness to become a sponsor and collaborate in this initiative. Once the film is complete, it will be shown widely across the world.
Individuals can also honor a friend or family member. With a small amount they can also support and get a link to watch the film once it is complete.

Interested? Contact us for more information

If this is something you would like to explore further, we would be happy to know your thoughts. We can arrange to discuss this further and make this collaboration a success. Contact Teenaa at or call /WhatsApp +91 8104572015 (India)