Every evening women from the Sikh Widows Colony bond and share their memories. They are nestled away from the so-called developed Metropolis New Delhi to a rehabilitated colony, which is infamously called Widows Colony. They lost their men who were daily wage earners in 1984 when almost 30,000 Sikhs were killed all over India by violent mobs after the assassination of Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.

Three decades later, a journey begins to connect with the women and children living in a Sorority and a ghetto of a kind to know their journey and impact of violence. The film is slice of life of three brave women who negotiate their memories each day to live and earn bread for their families while fighting for justice.

The film is a narrative of three Sikh women living in Widows Colony wherein they lost their homes and men in the violent killings of 1984 when over 2733 Sikhs were killed in Delhi and over 9000 in India.

It is based on the lives of women and how they negotiate their memories on day to day basis while still earning their livelihoods.

Trailer- 1984, When the Sun didn’t Rise

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