A film by Teenaa Kaur

The deer, tree and me


About the film

“If by laying our life even if a tree is saved, then our life is worthed”

 A common saying in Bishnoi Community

 An afraid Chinkara or Indian Gazelle cried for help in the deep recesses of a cold winter night in the desert. Shaitan Singh Bishnoi could not contain himself and rushed out to his rescue. Shaitan opposed the hunters but they shot him dead. A young and innocent bride of Shaitan, Pushpa has to take care of a young son Piyush, two years old and a girl seven years old.

The film revolves around Chinkara and Pushpa and their interactions. Chinkara symbolises the Mother Nature around us while Pushpa symbolizes the saviours of Nature. She belongs to the Bishnoi community wherein people lay down their lives to save an innocent animal or tree.

She carries forward the legacy of her husband Late Shaitan Singh by adopting a baby chinkara and naming him “Kishan”. Kishan’s mother died and the baby chinkara cannot live without the milk and love of his mother. Pushpa adopted the baby Chinkara. Her love of Kishan is visible when her 2-year-old son Piyush and Kishan share the same milk bottle. Piyush is envious of Kishan for sharing the love of his mother as well. What needs to protected animals or life of oneself in terms of crisis or hunting? She responds that animals cannot take care of themselves, they need to be protected first

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Our Core Values

We stand for One World for all living beings whether it is trees or animals.


The Faulty Model of Development

Care for Nature

Chinkaras are losing their habitat due to increasing industrialization. Forests are being cut down paving way for highways and construction of buildings. They also get killed due to increasing number of vehicles passing through the forest. Building of roads and highways acts like a corridor wherein animals cannot cross from one side to another. People selling their lands to pave way for the construction of buildings is another threat to the existence of the animal. Hunting is another hurdle to be crossed.

What can you do about this?

Each human being has a role to play on this Earth. If you care, then don’t sell your land to the builders. If you are bothered, then plant trees wherever you live. If you are concerned, then do rainwater harvesting in your building or bungalow. If it is your mission to care for Nature, then each day, create actions to conserve the forest, the drying river, and inspire your community.

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The deer,tree and me

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Lapo Gresleri

Film Critic, Collaborator at Cineteca di Bologna and Vice President at

Associazione Leitmovie, Italy

An extremely important theme filmed with great experience and command of cinematographic language. It’s surprising the grace of Kaur’s touch, in particular in the expression of the relationship between men and nature (the scene with the little boy is pure “Vittorio De Sica” touch!). The influence of Italian Neo-realism and the golden era of Indian Cinema as Bimal Roy, Satyajit Ray is clearly visible.