What if I tell you


About the film

During my treatment for Breast Cancer, I realized that no

one wants to talk about “Breast” or Cancer” as there is a

stigma around it. My parents wanted me to forget “it” like a bad


I wanted to make a film about this subject so that I can choose to express and also find out what is happening in the society.

I want the women to visit mammogram center, like the way I did. I want to normalize Breast Cancer through story telling. One in eight women in India are getting detected of breast cancer each day. Survival rate is low as the disease gets detected late. That is because there is so much shame in the women and even men to talk about women’s health or even “Breast” for that matter. If women accept their bodies and start owning their bodies to an extent of detecting lump in it, I think it would be an achievement. This happened in my own experience when talking to men and women as they didn’t want me to utter the term again.

I am inspired by the works of is Lars Von Trier, who is a Danish filmmaker, actor, and lyricist. He is the creator of the avant-garde filmmaking movement Dogme 95. One of his best work is Breaking the Wave. I also love the films of Begian – French filmmaker Agnes Varda.

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